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Growing In Eugene, Oregon


Alexa and Thatcher were brought together by their common desire to create. Both were always skeptical when it came to “love at first sight,” but when their eyes met for the first time they knew there was special energy between them.
    They have what they often refer to as a “puzzle piece family.” Their girls are remarkably only 5 weeks apart in age, when sharing this with people they often get asked if they have twins. Thatcher usually jokes and says, “one fell out early!”
    Their homegrown business HeyAlexa is ran out of their indoor apartment jungle in Eugene, Oregon. They strive to produce work that is professional and attention holding. Each piece of art will make a bold statement in your home. Alexa creates macrame/woven products while Thatcher offers photography services.
    Alexa, in search of a way to cram more plants into their home grew into a self taught fiber artist. They now have as many plants hanging from the ceiling and walls as they do on the ground.
    Thatcher’s interest in photography peaked when he realized how different everyone’s perspective of the world is. Completely self taught, he has developed a personal style that is incredibly eye catching and full of emotions.
    This couple has so much love for each other, their girls, and their art. With the support from each other, they’re constantly pushing at becoming better versions of themselves while teaching their girls to live a happy life.